Bloemstyling voor events

Flowers are an excellent tool to give a location, and therefore an event, its own atmosphere, freshness and liveliness and contribute to the experience of the guests. We create a real WOW factor!

Groot, Groter, Grootst💥 Het kan me niet

Sharon Flowers specializes in creative flower styling concepts for events. We are familiar with irregular set-up and breakdown times for events. After all, everything has to be built up in a short time. The flower arrangements must be at their best during the event and then everything is broken down again.

Gespecialiseerd in evenementen 

Sharon Flowers always works closely with the clients before, during and after an event . During the preparation of the event, Sharon Flowers makes a proposal with a creative flower styling concept. This proposal takes into account: the locations and spaces, color (themes), desired atmosphere, flower preferences, materials, corporate identity (logos, house style, brand values, etc.), construction and dismantling times and budget.

All pieces are prepared as much as possible in our bindery, after which everything is transported to the location. On location, the pieces are put in place and styled on site. After the event, the pieces will be broken down again, in consultation with the client and any other suppliers.

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